Fwd: Re: Order confirmation

You??™ve just ordered pizza from our site

Pizza Pepperoni Lover's with extras:
- Italian Sausage
- Green Peppers
- No Cheese
- Easy On Sauce

Pizza Super Supreme with extras:
- Italian Sausage
- Chicken
- Jalapenos
- Extra Cheese
- Extra Sauce

Pizza Chicken Supreme with extras:
- Italian Sausage
- Pepperoni
- Green Peppers
- Pineapple
- Black Olives
- Easy On Cheese
- Extra Sauce

Pizza Triple Meat Italiano with extras:
- Bacon Pieces
- Green Peppers
- Extra Cheese
- Extra Sauce

- Dr. Pepper x 5
- 7up x 3
- Red wine x 6
- Fanta x 3

Total Charge:227.76$

If you haven??™t made the order and it??™s a fraud case, please follow the link and cancel the order.

If you don??™t do that shortly, the order will be confirmed and delivered to you.

Best Regards
POMPEO`s Pizzeria

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